Rustons Maschio range

19 June 1998

Rustons Maschio range

RUSTONS Engineering Co is now marketing the full range of Maschio power harrows offering models from 3.6m up to 6m.

The range comprises three build specifications – the heavyweight DMP (4m to 6m), the standard DCP (4m and 5m) and the standard de-spec Falco (3.6m to 4.6m).

All models are available as folding units and with a choice of roller type and pto shaft.

Reco has also introduced the pneumatic SPL Sulky drill which is deemed to be a derivative of the existing SPI drill. As with the SPI, seed is metered to each coulter rather than through the use of a distribution head.

Individual coulter pressure is maintained through the use of a two-spring system; the second can be released if less pressure is required and the whole drill unit can be used in conjunction with either a powerharrow or a cultivation unit.

Working widths from 3m to 5m are available as is a choice of Suffolk or disc coulters. A 3m version has a starting price of £9995. &#42

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