Safe n sure tanks

24 July 1998

Safe n sure tanks

HOLD silage effluent securely without risk of seepage in a storage tank produced by BCM Contracts.

The tanks are made from glass reinforced cement, are rot, rust and shatter-proof, and are sealed with a resin coating to withstand acidic attack, says the company.

It says the tanks, which are designed to comply with Building Regulations BS5502 – are easily installed into an excavated hole which is then backfilled with soil or cement.

The tanks include a 60cm (2ft) square access, and can be easily linked together via 10cm (4in) inlet/outlet pipes to provide additional storage capacity. Available in two capacities – 3180 litres (700gal) and 4550 litres (100 gal) – tanks start at £700. (01948-665321, fax 01948-666381).

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