Safer packaging for OP sheep dip

16 November 2001

Safer packaging for OP sheep dip

REDUCED operator risk when organophosphorous sheep dipping is now possible, following the launch of two dispensing systems designed to minimise exposure to OP concentrate.

Animal health firm Schering Plough has gained Vet Medicines Directorate approval for its Coopers Ectoforce sheep dip closed-transfer system.

This relies on water soluble packaging which is enclosed in an outer bag, says the companys David Beach. "The outer bag is ripped, tipping the water soluble package into the dip, with no need to measure or mix the active ingredient by hand."

Also relaunched with a new sealed dispensing mechanism is Virbacs Gold Fleece, according to product manager Mike Squire. "Cans of product are completely sealed and accessible only via the dispensing system. This delivers an accurately metered 60ml dose of concentrate directly into the dip bath, removing risk of dip operators being exposed to it." &#42

Water soluble packaging should make using OP sheep dips safer.

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