Safety is BSs principal aim

10 October 1997

Safety is BSs principal aim

ASSURING customers and the public that UK produced sugar is wholesome and safe is the aim of a new venture by British Sugar and the NFU.

A pilot scheme run this season using 600 growers and covering all factory areas proved successful, and will be run again next year, says BSs technical services manager, Simon Fisher.

"We are trying to be pro-active. We know our customers are interested in assurance. This scheme will provide an audit trail from processor to grower.

"The main thing is to ensure growers are using approved products, whether they are being used at or below the permitted maximum dose and how many applications are being made to each crop, together with any latest timing or harvest interval requirement."

Few problems have been identified. The scheme did show some products carry a restriction on the maximum number of applications, even though the maximum dose may not be exceeded.

"In some very weedy situations, for example on the fens, where several repeat low doses are required, growers should make sure they are using products that can do the job without running into restrictions," Mr Fisher advises.

Different labels can carry different recommendations, even though the active ingredient may be the same, he adds. "Growers need to be aware of these anomalies, and should ensure they are getting the best advice from BASIS qualified advisers."n

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