Sainsburys acts after salmonella scare

28 July 1997

Sainsburys acts after salmonella scare

SUPERMARKET chain Sainsburys has withdrawn its own-brand Fresh Toddler Milk after children contracted a rare form of salmonella.

Six children under the age of three had reportedly fallen ill after drinking the milk, but have since recovered, a spokesman said at the weekend.
The children were struck down with salmonella-related illnesses between June 16 and July 2, sparking an investigation by the Department of Health.
After carrying out its investigation, the Department advised Sainsburys and its supplier, Unigate, to recall all batches of the milk.

The Department of Health statement said: “Initial statistical evidence has shown a possible link with the consumption of this product. A full investigation is being carried out at the Unigate dairy concerned, with the aim of confirming whether in fact such a link exists.”

A Unigate spokeswoman said production of the milk was suspended on Friday when the department warned the dairy of the possible link. She said investigations were continuing, but that there was no evidence at this stage to suggest the children had contracted salmonella poisoning from a Unigate product.

Sainsburys has warned customers who have purchased the product not to feed it to their children. If they return the product to any Sainsburys or Savacentre store, they will receive a full refund.

No other product is affected, Sainsburys said.

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