Sainsburys target of dairy protests

24 March 2000

Sainsbury’s target of dairy protests

DAIRY farmers claim to have brought almost half of Sainsburys distribution depots to a standstill last night in protest at low farmgate prices for milk.

Altogether, farmers picketed 10 out of the stores 22 depots.

More than 300 dairy farmers descended on the supermarkets depot at Basingstoke, Hampshire, and a similar demonstration caused chaos at the main depot in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, reports The Times.

At Basingstoke, the protest started at 8.30pm on Thursday (23 March), and continued until 3.30am on Friday.

The farmers claim to have stopped at least 75 heavy goods vehicles from passing through the gates as farmers formed a human barrier, and blocked the entrance with Land Rovers.

Protestors are demanding a meeting with Sainsburys, although area director Nick Davies them that in no shape or form would his compny talk to them, other than through the NFU.

He fuelled their anger by saying the agricultural crisis was nothing to do with Sainsburys, protestor Andrew Groom told FWi.

Farmers have been holding blockades and spilling milk to highlight prices they receive, which are the lowest in real terms for 30 years.

While farmgate prices have slumped, supermarket prices have remained steady.

  • The Times 24/03/2000 page 4

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