Scab divides Perth sheep men

17 December 1998

Scab divides Perth sheep men

RELATIONS between sheep farmers in Perthshire are being tested to the limit by scab, according to reports made to the final meeting of Perth area National Farmers Union.

The cost of complying with the disposal of the dip under the new groundwater regulations is also likely to inflame the situation further, according to some who attended the meeting.

Farmers claimed that little could be done if a sheep producer suspected there was infection in a neighbouring flock.

One producer said he faced a cost of £5000 from his neighbours refusal to dip sheep or control scab.

Farmers face extra costs of about £245 from the new groundwater regulations.

This is made up of £150 for registration and £95 a year for a licence.

  • The Scotsman 17/12/98 page 26

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