Scottish farm to farm movements permitted

Scottish producers are able to move their stock from farm to farm under strict conditions following the easing of foot and mouth disease restrictions that came into place following the outbreak in Surrey.

Licences now permit farm to farm movements for cattle, sheep and goats, with a separate licence available for pigs.

Each carry a set of conditions, designed to ensure any movements are as safe as possible and do not threaten the effort to control the current foot and mouth outbreak.

Conditions include:

• A move onto the premises of foot and mouth susceptible animals will trigger a 20 day standstill
• Separation agreements no longer permitted
• Movement must be notified the same day
• Movement must be in mainland Scotland only 

Because of the need to notify on the same day of any movements, producers are being asked to decide how they will notify before they actually move livestock.

Full details of movement conditions, including pre- and post- movement inspections and disinfection guidelines, can be found on the NFU Scotland website.

NFU Scotland president Jim McLaren welcomed the announcement, saying they came at a crucial time for livestock producers.

“This additional flexibility will be a lifeline for many.”

He also warned that it was essential that producers were aware of the strict conditions that applied to the relaxation.

“The only way we can progress back to normal is if the industry can clearly demonstrate its compliance with all necessary restrictions.”


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