Seat belt for safety and easy movement

13 August 1999


No more dusty days in the tractor cab

AT this time of year dust inside the tractor cab is not only a health hazard, it also makes long working days uncomfortable.

With the intention of creating a dust-free environment, Wisdom Systems has launched a range of cab filters claimed to be capable of removing 99% of particles.

Two separate elements are employed – a coarse washable foam pre-filter and an electrostatically-charged electret filter. A colour change indicator warns the operator that filters need changing.

Wisdom also claims the filters are beneficial when spraying by preventing small spray particles and vapour entering the cab. Price is £60 (01432-851212).

Spray-on lubricants prolong chain life

HARVEST is a prime time for chains and parts to pick up unwanted dust and dirt, accelerating wear and hitting performance.

New on the market from Shell is a range of aerosol lubricants designed for high performance and ease of use.

Among the selection of 10 fluids, the range includes a lubricating comp-ound designed to prolong chain life. For general applications, there is a multi-purpose lubricating oil which contains PTFE to provide additional lubrication and anti seizure properties.

To protect bodywork, Shell offers a dry film corrosion protective which is designed to provide powerful rust and corrosion protection.

Prices available on (0500-011-011).

Seat belt for safety and easy movement

SEAT belts in cars allow for an occasional shift in posture, but when used in tractors, they can be more restrictive – especially when looking back at the plough.

Seat belt manufacturer Securon has overcome this problem by introducing an anti-cinch belt which allows the driver 5cm (2in) of movement without compromising security.

In addition, the seat belt is designed to be more comfortable and enable the driver to swivel around easily for an all round field of vision.

A key safety feature is claimed to be the belts twin release buckle which has a button on the top and sides for quick release in emergency operation (01494-434455).

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