Seed-bed shape, structure & size all similar for veg crops

24 July 1998

Seed-bed shape, structure & size all similar for veg crops

VEGETABLE growers can produce beds of a consistent shape across a range of depths to suit individual crops with Dowdeswells new Bedvator Bedtiller.

The implement employs a contra-rotating spiked finishing rotor which can be adjusted for height independently of the rest of the machine, to provide control over the depth of the finished bed. Working depth of the front rotor is altered on a pair of adjustable wheels at the rear of the machine, which can also be moved laterally to match the tractors wheel tracks.

Based on the Dowdeswell Powavator, the pto-driven, three-point linkage mounted Bedvator range has four models intended to match the working width of most precision drills, seeders and modular transplanters.

The 1600, 1700 and 1800 models are single rotor machines with working widths of 1.61m to 1.86m (5.3ft to 6ft), while the 3.6m (11.8ft) 3600 has a split double rotor designed to till one complete bed plus two half beds/pass making it suitable for working ahead of an eight row transplanter.

The three smaller machines are equipped with a pair of adjustable disc openers which direct soil towards the, anti-clockwise rotating, front rotor, which comes in three designs to cater for specific seedbed requirements and soil conditions: the blades of the Vege are curved. Those of the SpeedBladed version are similar to traditional L blades and the Spiked rotor has straight tines blades.

Recommended power requirements for the Bedvator Bedtiller range is 60hp to 100hp and prices start at £7285 for a 1600 model fitted with a Vege rotor.

Seed-beds of a consistently uniform shape, size and structure are claimed for Dowdeswells Bedvator range.

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