Seed dressers are gearing up

4 July 1997

Seed dressers are gearing up

MOBILE seed dressing contractors have invested in new equipment to improve levels of service and meet developments in seed treatments.

"The typical mobile seed cleaning and dressing machine is a more sophisticated piece of equipment than it has ever been," says the NAACs Dick Bowler. "With twin screen, double aspirated cleaners and gravity separators, we have the ideal combination for producing top quality seed lots. And with the latest applicators, we can handle any type and combination of seed treatments."

Seed treatment application is expected to become more complex. Growers already have the choice of several different fungicides. But increasing use of manganese seed treatments and likely introduction of more sophisticated insecticides, say to combat barley yellow dwarf virus, will further complicate dressing programmes.

"At ReSo, we are already geared up to put on as many as four or five different seed treatments and we have developed applicators to cope with more," says Mr Bowler.

"Other operators will no doubt do the same and, in some respects, this added complication puts our services at a further advantage over merchants who prefer long and uncomplicated runs in producing certified seed."

Flexibility to process small batches and change treatments within the same batch is a key attraction of on-farm processed seed, he adds. It means growers can alter variety choice and treatment combinations immediately before drilling to take account of prevailing conditions.

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