Seed treatment boost

5 November 1999

Seed treatment boost

SEED treatments designed to combat take-all in cereals could also boost crop establishment, judging by effects observed in an Essex field trial.

Comprehensive variety trials on the fourth wheat, high take-all risk site at Dalgetys Throws Farm, Braintree, are already showing significant differences, says trials manager Mike Jeffes.

Seed treated with anti take-all products due for launch next autumn is being monitored closely. Monsantos MON65500 (based on silthiopham) seems to have been particularly useful, improving both emergence and crop greenness, says Mr Jeffes.

"Although we would not expect this product to improve emergence, it is an interesting effect and one which we will monitor closely throughout the season as we assess take-all levels and variety performance."

The work was prompted by suggestions that some varieties, such as Rialto and Consort, cope better with a second wheat situation where take-all is likely to inhibit root development. "Coupling such a variety with good take-all control technology, should lead to better output in second or subsequent wheats," says Mr Jeffes.

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