Self-lit trees an idea for Christmas?

2 November 2001

Self-lit trees an idea for Christmas?

By FWi staff

A CHRISTMAS tree that powers its own lights could be one of the developments in biotechnology just round the corner, say scientists.

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich believe there is great potential for biotechnology to replace current industrial processes.

“We are only at the beginning of biotechnological understanding and we do not know how far this can go, said scientist Bernard Witholt.

If an electric eel can generate a 600V shock, he believes scientists should be able to reproduce that biological process in a plant.

This is just one of the advances being made in biotechnological which could benefit farmers.

Growers could see potatoes with a modified starch content destined for the industrial market, said the chemical giant BASF.

Meanwhile Crops is hoping to persuade chancellor Gordon Brown to reduce tax on biofuels, to give industrial crops a kick start.

Growers are urged to join the magazines Do your duty on green fuel campaign, launched in the 10 November issue.

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