Sex ploy to sell more eggs

03 April 1998

Sex ploy to sell more eggs

EGG producer LadyPark Farms has unearthed some bizarre statistics about sex and eggs which the company argues should be used to market eggs.

The farms owners Roy and John Kerr said Italians have an enormous sex drive and live a long time not because of their Mediterranean diet, but because they eat 10% more eggs than the Scots.

They reckon the Germans are the powerhouse of Europe because they eat 30% more eggs, the Dutch are taking over the commerce of Europe because they eat 40% more eggs and the French, the great lovers of Europe, eat 50% more eggs.

They claim producers should get the eggs-equal-sex message over to the Scottish public and sales will soar.

  • The Scotsman (Diary) 03/04/98 page 17

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