Simple distribution

23 November 2001

Simple distribution

A SIMPLE way of shifting the weight distribution of a large slurry tanker to keep maximum load on the front has been devised by German firm Wienhoff.

In Germany, many large tankers have systems that allows the axles to move backwards and forwards hydraulically to shift the weight for either road or field operation.

The Wienhoff design involves two compartments in the tanker with a valve controlling flow between the two. Meanwhile a valve and air supply to the top of both compartments allows each to be pressurised separately.

In work the driver pressurises the rear compartment first to keep as much weight as possible on the tractor rear axle. Then he opens the valve between the two compartments and pressurises both parts to empty the rest of the load.

Being able to do this means that the tanker size can be increased by 3cu m, says Wienhoffs managing director Franz Hinken. &#42

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