Simpler handling for boxed spuds

24 July 1998

Simpler handling for boxed spuds

NO more manually pushing potatoes into the corners when loading boxes says Nicholson Machinery on the introduction of its Twister box handler.

Developed to simplify the final stages of filling without the need for expensive box fillers, it consists of a simple turntable-mounted platform, placed at the end of an elevator or conveyor, which carries two 1t boxes, one of which takes the final crop discharge. The turn table allows the operator to swing the box from side to side as it is being filled to spread the crop.

When one box is full the whole unit is twisted to bring the empty box under the discharge, so the line is not stopped and filling is continuous. To minimise tuber impact damage, a 10cm thick crop protection pad can be laid flat on the box floor or angled beneath the elevator/conveyor to act as a slide. As the box fills, the pad is moved up by its rope handles.

Overall size is 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft x 6ft) and 20cm (8in) high, the Twister is priced at £950, crop protection pad £295.

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