Slatted panel gives suckers even break

3 April 1998

Slatted panel gives suckers even break

LIFTING the sow higher than the slats around her with the MIK Opal sow island slatted panel will give piglets better access to the bottom row of teats, says Hanco National Pig Supplies.

Hanco explains that lifting the sows section of the flooring 20mm (0.8in) higher than the surrounding floor improves piglet access and therefore increases milk intake, piglet growth and survival. The step formed also discourages piglets from going under the sow when moving around the pen, reducing the risk of overlaying, adds the company.

Opal panels of 300mm by 800mm (1ft by 2ft8in) cost £11 each with five or six used in each farrowing crate (01432-860518, fax 01432-860815).

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