Small milk price rise angers Irish

By FWi staff

IRISH dairy farmers have responded angrily to the latest round of price rises announced by co-ops this week.

After a 6p/gal (1ppl) permanent rise from the Irish Dairy Board to butter/powder processors for September milk, hopes were high that this would be passed on in full to producers.

But most co-ops passed on just 2-3p/gal, and now pay 107-111.5p/gal (17.6-18.4ppl).

Beleaguered PLC Glanbia is paying producer-shareholders no more than the 103.65p/gal they got in August.

IFA milk committee chairman Padraig Walshe said that Irish Dairy Board returns to processors for commodity products had risen by 15.6p/gal since May.

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Bruton Knowles

But producer prices paid by the co-ops had only gone up by about half that.

Most co-ops have added 7.5p/gal to their bottom line, said Mr Walshe. But there was no declared plan on how the extra margin was to be reinvested.

“This is simply unacceptable to farmers,” he added.

Tipperary Co-op general manager, Noel Horgan, said over half of his co-ops milk went for cheese where prices were improving only slowly.

And the EU commissions decision to slash export refunds on skimmed milk powder by another 40% last week would undermine improvement in that market, he predicted.

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