Snap, crackle and pop… fetch the shovels?




Trailer 1

Trailer 2
Trailer 3

It’s a well practiced drill, raising the body of the trailer slightly when reversing to see the running gear, of course this transfers the weight onto the hinge point, and usually it isn’t a problem.


But for Somerset Glastonbury based Richard Moon, the inevitable happened. With the 11t load placed firmly on the hinge points the trailer chassis snapped and resulted in the body of the unit resting on the wheels and eventually flipping the trailer onto its side.


In the process of the overturn the rear of the tractor lifted a good 5ft in the air reckons Richard and forced him to open the sunroof with his head!


After a long afternoon shovelling grain the body of the trailer was righted and taken to be mended, the chassis was repaired and strengthened. Richard says that the trailer is still going strong and even runs straight following the repairs.

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