SNFU calls for Agenda 2000 re-think

08 May 1998

SNFU calls for Agenda 2000 re-think

PETER CHAPMAN, vice-president of the National Farmers Union of Scotland, told European Union (EU) officials in Brussels they would have to re-think proposed Common Agricultural Policy reforms.

George Lyon, president, was with him at meetings to consider the implications of the Agenda 2000 programme.

Chapman said Scottish farm incomes were already “on the ropes”, and Agenda 2000 must not let things get worse.

He said the milk sector was a prime example of how a strengthening Pound had hit the core of the industry. He warned if proposals went forward in the present form, prices would drop even more. He accepted there had to be change, but this had to be gradual so that farmers could adapt.

The union also challenged new EU proposals on housing for laying hens. It says these would hurt rather than help hen welfare. Chapman said implementation could cost the European industry more than £4.5 billion. He also argued it would threaten producers of free-range and barn-produced eggs, too.

  • The Herald 08/05/98 page 28

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