SNFU compromises over restructuring

07 October 1998

SNFU compromises over restructuring

FARMERS in Ayrshire have succeeded in securing a compromise in the proposed restructuring of the Scottish National Farmers Union (SNFU).

The SNFU general purposes committee announced that restructuring will go ahead, but with major changes to the arrangements for South-west Scotland.

Plans to merge Ayr, Dumfries and Stewartry and Wigton into one super-region have been abandoned. Instead, Ayr will be expanded to include Bute and Arran.

The decision will mean next months meeting of the unions ruling council will be asked to approve the creation of nine regions to replace the network of 28 area executives.

The restructuring will include a reduction in the council itself from 90 members to 60 as well as a reduction in the size of the committees.

National office holders in the union will continue to be elected by an electoral college, but the enfranchisement of all members will be under review.

The union is to push ahead with a campaign for country-of-origin labelling on all food products.

Union vice-president Jim Walker said it remains important for consumers to be made aware of the different standards of global food production and the increased costs involved in meeting high standards.

  • The Herald 07/10/98 page 23

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