Sound feet rankings put top workmanship in good order

27 March 1998

Sound feet rankings put top workmanship in good order

THE feet of every horse forward for the in-hand showing classes – and there were more than 140 – were examined for the Fox Valley Farms Thomas Smrt best feet and best shod horse competition. The judge was farrier Martin Deacon from Leicester who said that feet and shoes fell into three groups this year. Those in the first group were incredibly good with shoes showing a wonderful standard of workmanship. The middle group was very sound and practical and the third not good "and suffered from a misconception of ideas," he said.

Both farriers and exhibitors of the best four horses received cash awards and the first three awards for farriers went to Philip Woof. The fourth went to J McCormick.

The winning horse was Mrs J Woofs stallion, Earnshaw Supreme. In second place was Mrs G Helmes mare Fairmead Amber. D Cranes Bog Bank Lucinda was third and J F McCormicks Moorfield Frank was fourth.

Farrier Martin Deacon inspected the feet of every in-hand entry.

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