Specification is based on total lean meat yield

5 October 2001

Specification is based on total lean meat yield

Tailoring pigs to a suit a particular processor or consumer was already being considered by PIC when Mr Godfrey asked it to find a pig to meet Adamss needs, says PIC technical services manager Sue Corning.

"Breeding has been focusing on consistency of yield in terms of ham and lean percentage. But in the past, there has been no advantage to producing a pig with large hams and loins because contracts have been based on carcass deadweight and backfat," she says. "But Adams is looking to share the extra value of producing pigs to a specification based on total yield of lean meat."

The Adams boar has come from European bloodlines and Miss Corning expects extra hybrid vigour when it is crossed with the Camborough female. In addition it should improve killing out %.

"Farm performance will match existing genotypes. The main benefit will be after the pig leaves the farm gate." &#42

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