Spray-can cow tail paints a real blast

12 October 2001

Spray-can cow tail paints a real blast

AN aerosol cow tail paint, which has taken New Zealand by storm, is being launched in the UK by Ritchey Tagg.

Alert tail paint spray is applied to the base of the tail and forms a brightly coloured crust, which is said to allow accurate identification of ridden cows, hence those on heat.

The paint spray is a plasticised product designed to be durable and less prone to powdering and cracking, says the firm. It can be applied to dry or wet cows, does not irritate the cows hide and will not flake off, it adds. Each 500ml aerosol costs £4.95 and is available in six highly visible colours (01765-689541, fax 01765-689851).

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