Sprinkler gets there…

7 November 1997

Sprinkler gets there…

A NEW small sprinkler system from Israel, which can be used to reach odd corners and parts of fields larger systems cannot reach, made its debut at the Water for Farming 97 event.

The Super Mamkad Mini Sprinkler is intended for use in high value crops – such as carrots, parsnips, onions and leeks – and comprises a ball-driven head attached to a supply pipe and coupler unit so it can be plugged into above-ground lateral pipes.

The whole unit is mounted on a metal stand which can be pushed into the ground to provide a working height of 30cm (12in) and the system is designed to operate on a 12m x 12m (39.3ft x 39.3ft) grid system laid down after planting and retrieved before harvest.

A regulator located in the head provides automatic pressure compensation.

Available from Fuller Water Systems of Ixworth in Suffolk, each unit costs £5.

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