Steady demand for cleaners to meet standards

30 November 2001

Trailer manufacturer Richard Larrington has introduced a new trailer to its range which, despite being launched at the Grain 2001 event, is aimed primarily at the potato grower. Features of the 14t capacity trailer include use of both hydraulic and air braking systems, leaf-sprung tandem axles and a hydraulically operated folding half side panel. This latter feature allows unloading elevators to be placed lower in the trailer when loading starts. Shod on 385/65R 22.5 tyres – with an option for wider – price of the Estima trailer is £18,950.

Steady demand for cleaners to meet standards

STRINGENT standards for milling and malting grain is creating a steady interest in on-farm crop cleaning equipment in the UK, reports Kongskilde.

For those wanting a low cost means of cleaning grain, the company now offers a range of mobile DPC 40 Combi-Cleaners in capacities of up to 40t/hour.

Powered by pto or electric motor, unclean grain is fed into a conical shaped inner drum designed to shake out under size trash or grain through an outer screen into an auger.

Over-size trash is ejected at the end of the inner drum into a trash auger, while cleaned grain is collected by an elevating scoop and delivered to an aspiration chamber.

Cleaned grain is then discharged out of the machine, while dust and light trash is drawn by the aspiration fan into a trash blow line.

The DPC 40 Combi-Cleaner can be equipped with a range of different sized mesh for cleaning cereals in addition to crops such as peas, beans, sunflower and maize. Price for a complete unit is £6821. &#42

Kongskildes mobile Combi-Cleaner offers throughputs of up to 40t/hour.

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