Stick control for wrapping

14 February 1997

Stick control for wrapping

BALE wrapping controls took a new turn at the Farm Machinery Show. Both McHale and Tanco chose the event to launch a joystick control for their respective wrapping machines.

Perceived as a system which falls between manual and automated control systems, both companies pointed out that a joystick gives the operator complete control of bale-wrapping.

The McHale system comprises a single joystick, its four positions activating the loading of the bale, table rotation, film cut-and-tie, and bale tip-off.

A button on the joystick doubles up the number of operations to include table reverse or bale arm lowering, for example.

As with operating, say, a backhoe loader, slick operation comes with practice to the point where joystick control becomes an automatic response.

Tanco employs two levers, insisting that a second lever is required for safe operation of the bale loading arm. The main joystick is used to control table rotation and bale tip-off. A button on the joystick activates the film cut-and-tie operation.

The new control system is available for Tancos AutoWrap 97 version – a version which is also fitted with an improved film dispenser mounted on a now stronger mast.

One step up from basic multi-lever machines, McHale Engineerings 991BJ bale wrapper comes with joystick control as standard. BJprice is £9100.

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