Still profit for top flight

24 August 2000

TOP-PERFORMING dairy farmers continue to squeeze out a bit more margin, despite some of the toughest market conditions on record.

Milkminder results for June show how the top 10% made an additional 41 per cow in the past 12 months, taking margin over purchased feed to 1028.

This was mainly achieved by increasing yield from forage by 450 litres, with the result that feed cost per litre declined.

Total yield for these producers was also up, by more than 600 litres at 6840 litres a cow, boosting milk value per cow despite the 1p/litre drop in milk price.

“Attention to detail can lead to significant improvements in profitability, despite the tough market conditions prevailing during the past 12 months,” said Milkminders Tim Harper.

These top-flight figures are in stark contrast to the sample average, which suffered the full effects of the declining milk price.

“The average producer had to accept a fall of 1.94p/litre, pushing the rolling milk price to an historic low of 17.32p/litre,” said Mr Harper.

Yield from forage also showed a slight decline, while total milk value per cow slipped 92 to 1194.

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