Still some to come in Norfolk

21 September 2001

Still some to come in Norfolk

A LOW over the North Sea has brought rain and wind into North Norfolk, stymieing attempts to get the last of the harvest in, says Andrew Dewing of Aylsham Grain.

“A lot of the wheat is now sprouting. Its incredibly upsetting for anyone who still has crops to cut.”

About 5% still has to come in. This is predominantly wheat. “You wont get much from any remaining barley. It will have brackled and be lying on the floor.”

The spring barley in store looks good. Its bold and its yielded OK, he says. Some grains are pre-germinated, but no more than usual.

His spring barley tonnage has gone up by 20% this year, while wheat is down by 10-15%. “We didnt get such dramatic floods last winter in Norfolk, so the yield has not suffered quite as much as in other parts of the UK.”

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