Stop-start in Borders

7 August 2001

Stop-start in Borders

HAMISH GARDNER, who farms at Chirnside near Berwick-upon-Tweed has had a stunted start to harvest.

Twenty hectares (50 acres) of six-row Rounder yielded an estimate of 7.4t/ha (3t/acre) in one field and slightly less in another.

“Its about 0.3t/acre (0.74t/ha) down on average, but it was drilled into a poor seedbed and it was wet all winter.”

They have about 50% less winter barley this year, because of poor autumn conditions, so more spring barley.

The barley was combined between 17.5-18.5% moisture with specific weight of 66kg/hl, “which is quite good.”

He says they are about ten days behind for the time of year on the medium loam-based farm.

Spring barley should be fit within three weeks, but wheat will not be ready till September

“The wheat looks quite good, but it depends on the weather. It is still green.”

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