Straights problems put behind them

4 August 2000

Straights problems put behind them

STRAIGHTS feeding on dairy farms is no longer threatened by problems with assuring ration ingredients to meet standards required by milk buyers, according to Cargill.

Speaking at a London press briefing last week, its feed and grain marketing manager Martin Douglas said that while 90% of compound feeds already complied with UKASTAs UFAS scheme, buying assured straights has posed problems.

But now the company has altered its storage, quality control and delivery systems to enable assurance standards that exceed the National Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme requirements.

He believes Cargill Assured Feeds will offer traceability and transparency, which has not been available in the past.

"Many merchants have delivered warranties for feeds that they know they cannot substantiate," said Mr Douglas.

Under the Cargills scheme producers will receive an assurance certificate for each load, which includes store identification, country of origin and boat, added Cargills Richard Johnston. In addition each days output from the store will be analysed to provide nutritional information which will allow accurate rationing.

While this should allow producers to receive assurance bonuses worth 0.5p a litre in some cases, straights prices will increase by about 5%. Mr Johnston believes these costs have been kept as low as possible and that there will be additional benefits with better nutritional information.

Currently straights are often rationed using typical analysis data. But the analysis provided for each days output should be more accurate. Tests so far indicate that feed values may often be better than typical values, he added. &#42

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