Strong start in Somerset

26 July 2001

Strong start in Somerset

SOMERSET farmer Archie Montgomery has almost finished combining oilseed rape and has started combining Pearl malting barley, at the North Cadbury farm.

Escort oilseed rape yield estimate is 4.3t/ha (1.75t/acre) off 45ha (110 acres). He describes this as a better than normal yield.

“The crop is even with not too many red or green berries.” It was combined between 10-11% and dried.

12ha (30 acres) of Pearl has a yield estimate of 7.4t/ha (3t/acre). He describes the sample as having “a good size berry.”

He stresses that the crops combined so far have been early drilled crops.

He expects later drilled crops, including winter wheat, to be thinner. The farm is based on a silt clay soil.

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