Stuck in the muck? Try power pushing

30 June 2000

Stuck in the muck? Try power pushing

SO, youre tipping a trailer load of muck in the mire.

All goes well until the trailer is fully tipped and the weight shifts off the tractor drawbar. The result? Youre stuck.

Northern Ireland-based TBF Thompson Engineering believes it has the solution to this all too regular occurrence. The company is now marketing the Power Pusher, an attachment which fits to the underside of a trailer chassis and is used to push the trailer out of trouble. A single, double-acting ram, activated by the tractors hydraulics, drops a blade down onto the ground. As the ram extends it pushes the trailer – and tractor – forward so that the trailers contents can empty.

TBF is now producing a range of dump trailers which can be fitted with the Power Pusher and also suggests that some existing trailers can be retrofitted. The system puts about another £600 on to a price of the trailer. &#42

Will this system push you and your trailer out of the mire? TPF believes it will.

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