Students and cereals challenge

30 June 2000

Students and cereals challenge

STUDENTS and schoolchildren from across the region have been busy preparing for a new farming exhibition to feature at this years show.

Youngsters from Leeds, York, Sheffield and Harrogate are taking part in the interactive demonstration entitled Cereal Crops and Their Products.

"The exhibition aims to demonstrate how practical activities promote active learning across various aspects of an important food group such as cereals," says the societys education adviser, Trevor Rogers.

Schools have been given different projects intended to improve students knowledge and to help them develop practical solutions to problems. Youngsters from the village school at Long Marston near York have conducted a project to show the stretchiness of freshly baked bread.

Meanwhile, students from Thomas Danby College, Leeds, will create breads using different beers, supplied by the Yorkshire Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association. Other projects include breads from around the world, market research into new products, and the nutritional value of Yorkshire pudding.

The show exhibition, sponsored by Timms, the Goole-based flour milling group, will encourage visitors of all ages to try out different types of bread, taste Yorkshire pudding or the stretchiness of gluten.

Another initiative show-cased at this years event which aims to harness the talents of young people is the Food and Farming Challenge Competition. Rural and urban schools and colleges have been invited to learn about farming and gain the chance to win funds.

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