Supermarket report leaks &#145deplorable

3 October 2000

Supermarket report leaks &#145deplorable’

By FWi staff

A LEADING supermarket group has demanded an inquiry into the apparent leaking of findings of a Competition Commission investigations into store profits.

The group, which declined to be named, has written to the Department of Trade and Industry, describing the leaks as “deplorable”, reports the Independent.

Supermarkets believe the report should be published soon, perhaps as early as Wednesday (04 October) to end speculation.

Newspapers claim the report will recommend that chains seek approval from the Office of Fair Trading before opening relatively small stores close to existing outlets.

The commission is also believed to have criticised the practices of regional pricing and selling below cost to damage small retailers.

However, the Financial Times and the Daily Mail report that leaks indicate that the commission has not suggested any remedies.

This led a Safeway spokesman to brand the 16-month inquiry a waste of time and money.

Meanwhile, Tesco has unveiled a 55 million price cut campaign, which could see 20% coming off the price of cheese and yogurts.

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