9 March 2001


Corinne Redonnet

"Foot-and-mouth doesnt affect humans. I worry for the poor farmers. Some people were panic buying in the supermarket. Im not, though. I didnt fill up my car with petrol when the fuel crisis was on, Im not going to fill up my fridge now. I havent stopped buying meat, but I dont buy much anyway. I only occasionally buy beef. Its expensive and I worry about BSE. Beef should be cheaper. Beef farmers are supposed to be struggling and we are paying horrendous prices in shops. Someone is creaming off the

profits but I dont think its the farmers."

Lesley Probett

"Its quite worrying –

for the animals and for everyone because the countryside is being shut off. Ive stopped buying lamb and beef since

foot-and-mouth started and I will carry on this indefinitely. I dont eat a great deal of meat

anyway – Im not that keen on it. I am,

however, still buying chicken and fish."

Eilene Walters

"Ill never stop buying meat. The main things we eat are chicken and fish and just occasionally lamb and beef. Im sad for the farmers. Its

tragic for them and they havent had a good run. I wouldnt panic buy and I wouldnt buy foreign foods. If we cant have British, Id rather go without. Its a shame when people do panic buy because it spoils it for everyone else. Id also rather pay a little bit more and go to my local butcher because thats excellent meat. Moneys not important, not

compared to your health."

I note that a FW reader is still awaiting a response to her four letters to Sainsbury (Trolley Watch, Feb 16). I, too, am awaiting the courtesy of a reply to my correspondence with Sainsbury.

I wrote a very detailed and precise letter, to which I expected a reply, if not the answers to the points that

I raised in my letter. I know

for certain that the letter was received, since I know my observations were

discussed by the relevant department in Sainsbury HQ.

It would appear that Sainsbury is either ill-mannered or above reproach vis-a-vis questions of retailing policy, etc. Perhaps it is guilty on both counts?

Name and Address supplied.

It is not often I take the opportunity of shopping. However this week I could not but notice in our local Tesco store, the price of flour:

Pastry flour at 9p/1.5kg = £60 /t.

Bread flour at 69p/1.5kg = £460/t.

I had thought loss-leading was illegal as someone is exploited.

Even I hope my biscuit wheat will not sell at

figures as low as this and thats ex-farm.

M G & S A Wakeham,

The Old Vicarage, Coldham, Wisbech, Cambs.

A bouquet for Safeway?

My husband was in hospital for three months.

During that time I shopped at Safeway and on one

occasion left a bag of

shopping in the store. I

telephoned the shop giving my name, address and details of my purchases.

Within hours one of the senior members of staff appeared at my door to deliver the goods – a round trip of 16 miles.

KM Whittall Williams,

Withington House, Wormbridge, Hereford.

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