Support ad levy, Scots milk producers urged

17 August 1999

Support ad levy, Scots milk producers urged

SCOTTISH milk producers are being urged to support plans to charge a levy which would be used a create a £7 million marketing campaign for milk.

The proposal is for a levy at the rate of 0.03ppl. This would mean the average Scottish dairy farmer would be charged £130 a year.

Across the UK, dairy farmers would contribute about £3.5m, which would be matched by the dairy trade.

It is intended to add the 0.03ppl to the present 0.04ppl collected by the Milk Development Council (MDC) to finance research and development projects.

The MDC would, in turn, pass the money to the National Dairy Council, which would be responsible for devising and managing a campaign.

Research has suggested that the return could be as much as £5 for every pound invested in marketing.

A poll on the levy is expected to be held by the government next month to determine what support there is in the industry for such a move.

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