Support grows for generic milk campaign

17 April 1998

Support grows for generic milk campaign

SUPPORT is strengthening for an all-industry financed generic campaign to promote liquid milk sales amid an ex-farm price crash and dwindling sales.

But farmers unions have still to take firm soundings from the rank and file and the Dairy Industry Federation still remains to be convinced.

Most players, including Robert Wiseman Dairies and Express Dairies, are fully committed to the idea.

The National Dairy Council believes the decline could be at least arrested, if not reversed, by a £6 million-a-year generic promotion programme jointly financed by producers paying 0.024ppl on production and processors paying 0.054p.

The levy could be collected by the Milk Development Council (MDC) but a change in legislation would be needed and require the wholehearted support of the farmers unions, according to MDC chairman Brian Peacock.

Household sales in the £3bn-a-year market have been declining at 1% a year. Overall liquid milk sales are falling by 0.5% a year. Farm prices have fallen from around 25ppl to less than 20ppl in the past 12 months.

  • The Scotsman 17/04/98 page 28

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