Swedish outfit broadens range

4 June 1999

Swedish outfit broadens range

NOT wanting to be branded solely as a maker of high capacity, pneumatic seed drills, Swedish firm Vaderstad has extended its product portfolio with a non-powered cultivator and a 3m disc drill for cereals.

"We are looking to extend our range to offer more cultivations and drilling solutions for UK farmers," says Tim Needham, Vaderstads UK managing director. "Our latest developments represent a new generation of non-powered cultivation and drilling equipment, and there will be more to follow."

Now included in the line-up is the Rapid 30 disc drill and the Rexius Twin Press. Of greatest significance, says the company, is the Rapid 30, a 3m-wide conventional box drill which uses the firms cultivator disc drilling system. And it is viewed by the company as an alternative to a 4m power harrow/drill combination.

"Rapid 30 offers growers the same advantages as the larger Rapid pneumatic drills, but without the high output capability, horsepower requirement or steep purchase price," says Mr Needham.

The drill can be equipped with a combination of levelling boards and spring tines, which prepare the soil ahead of the discs.

It is a system which Mr Needham reckons offers the ability to maintain soil moisture, to speed up germination.

"The discs only cut and prepare the soil where the seed will be placed, so moisture is retained and it also means the horsepower requirement is modest for a cultivator drill of this size," he insists.

"It can match the output of a 4m combination, while the dual action of the tines and discs avoids having to make a pass with a power harrow. On light to medium land, the Rapid 30 can follow the plough."

Requiring a tractor in the 90-120hp bracket, the Rapid 30 is priced from £15,620.

The Rexius Twin Press has been developed, says Vaderstad, as a means of reducing the cost of secondary cultivations by carrying out a combined cultivating and pressing action in one pass.

It is achieved using two rows of staggered tines ahead of two rows of 73cm diameter intermeshing press rings.

With the tines mounted on a hydraulic frame the operator can raise and lower them independently of the press rings to ease headland turns or determine the degree of cultivating action required.

In a range of working widths from 4.5m to 10.3m, the Rexius Twin Press weighs up to 1500kg/m. Prices start at £15,300.

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