Sweet machines for kids

20 March 1998

Sweet machines for kids

A HELPFUL little green tractor called Tilly and a sen-

sible fire engine called Freddie have an adventurous

time in Sally Ormonds book* for young children.

Their adventures run to seven short stories which

find Tilly discovering a stowaway and a convict,

saving a naughty rabbit from harm at harvest time

and a little girl from disappointment at the church

fête. Freddie is a little fire engine, too small to

attend fires but clever enough to rescue a cat, a

school bus and a bigger, but less wise, fire engine.

These are sweet stories for parents to read to their children but a few more illustrations, preferably in colour, are needed to encourage youngsters to pick up this book on their own. TG

*The Adventures of Tilly the Tractor and Freddie the Fire Engine, by Sally Ormond, Minerva Press (£2.99).

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