Swine fever found on two more farms

10 August 2000

Swine fever found on two more farms

By Alistair Driver

CLASSICAL Swine Fever (CSF) has been confirmed on two further farms, one in Essex and one in Norfolk,

This brings the total number affected by the current outbreak to three.

The 1900-pig Norfolk holding is a pig breeding unit which had supplied pigs during the past month to the Suffolk farm where CSF was confirmed on Tuesday.

It also supplied pigs to the Essex farm housing approximately 950 pigs.

The MAFF epidemiological unit is currently tracing other units which may have been supplied by the Norfolk farm.

Protection zones of 3km have been placed around all three infected premises in which movement of pigs is prohibited and meat from pigs cannot be sold.

Wider surveillance areas have also been established around the three farms within which pigs can only be moved after they have been given the all-clear from MAFF vets.

It is believed meat from pigs within these zones cannot be exported and can only be sold in the UK under stringent health conditions.

National Pig Association chief executive Mike Sheldon said there is widespread concern about the potential size of the outbreak, which could have severe financial consequences.

All pigs on farms found with CSF will be slaughtered with farmers receiving 50% of market value for infected pigs and full market value for others.

But there will be no money for farmers inside the restricted zones who are prevented from trading.

Mr Sheldon said the picture is confused by the fact that the symptoms of CSF are similar to those of porcine dermatitis and nephropathy syndrome (PDNS).

This has affected over 250 UK farms since last summer, most in the east of England, and Mr Sheldon believes it may have masked CSF on some farms.

He warned farmers to look out for the symptoms of loss of appetite, high temperature and skin discoloration.

Me Sheldon stressed the importance of reporting symptoms to the vet immediately and of being extra vigilant with bio-security.

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