Swine fever – news update

06 November, 2000

Swine fever – news update

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  • 16th swine fever case confirmed (06 November, 2000)

    A SIXTEENTH case of swine fever has been confirmed, on a 6000-pig Norfolk pig farm.

  • Pig giant broke swine fever rules (03 November 2000)

    A LEADING pig company is being prosecuted by trading standards officials for the alleged illegal movement of nearly 900 animals from an area subject to swine fever restrictions.

  • At last, some good news on pigs (03 November 2000)

    SWINE fever relief; ABNs sale of pig operations to Dalehead; and the start of the outgoers scheme – for once, pig producers have some good news.

  • New package for swine-fever farms (01 November 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture has accepted proposals to change the amount of compensation paid to farmers in areas affected by swine fever.

  • All-clear for second swine-fever zone (30 October 2000)

    A SECOND infected area in East Anglia has been declared free of classical swine fever and had movement restrictions lifted.

  • Higher levy, and pence-per-kilo slaughter scheme? (27 October 2000)

    AS abattoir prices rise, calls have been made to the NPA to increase the proposed 20p/pig industry levy to 30p.

  • Fever restrictions and disease mean pig shortage (27 October 2000)

    THE finished pig market remains undersupplied as 90,000 pigs are locked up by Classical Swine Fever restrictions and PDNS/PWMS boosts mortality.

  • Tight rules as MAFF allows pig movements (20 October 2000)

    The Ministry of Agriculture may allow some livestock movement within zones affected by swine fever to try and ease pressure on overstocked farms.

  • Swine fever concerns bankers (20 October 2000)

    BANKS are now flagging up serious concerns over the ability of many producers affected by CSF regulations to stay in business.

  • MAFF relaxes pig movement in zones (18 October 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture is to allow some movement of pigs within certain classical swine fever-infected areas in East Anglia.

  • Overseas vets in swine fever clean-up (16 October 2000)

    VETERINARY experts from Holland and the USA are due to arrive in Britain to bolster the governments 150-strong team fighting swine fever in East Anglia.

  • Suffering goes on in pig surveillance zones (13 October 2000)

    PIG producers in East Anglia continue to face severe problems if their herds are still locked up in CSF zones.

  • MAFF hampers swine-fever efforts (10 October 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture has admitted that its focus on preventing the spread of swine fever in East Anglia has hampered efforts to get restriction zones lifted.

  • ‘Government lacks swine-fever strategy’ (09 October 2000)

    PIG farmers caught up in the swine-fever crisis have accused the Ministry of Agriculture of having no long-term strategy to deal with the outbreak.

  • Pay us to work with vets, say pig men (09 October 2000)

    A GROWING number of Eastern region pig farmers are refusing to allow MAFF vets on to their units for blood testing and other CSF tracing work without being paid for their time at commercial values for assisting in these procedures.

  • Anglian pig men start losing patience (09 October 2000)

    EAST ANGLIAN members and producers are still reported to be incensed with the way in which the welfare slaughter scheme compensation payments issue has been handled by the NPA.

  • Roadside checks on Anglian pig men (06 October 2000)

    EAST Anglian pig producers struggling to survive the swine fever crisis are to face roadside spot checks to prevent the illegal movement of pigs.

  • 15th swine fever case confirmed (04 October 2000)

    A FIFTEENTH case of swine fever in East Anglia has been confirmed by MAFF.

  • MAFF sets up swine fever helpline (02 October 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture has introduced a new helpline for farmers caught up in the swine fever crisis in East Anglia.

  • Swine fever exposes fragile society (29 September 2000)

    NEWS that a piece of infected pigmeat, possibly dropped by a walker, almost certainly caused the outbreak of swine fever is considered by the Daily Express.

  • Lull in swine-fever spread (29 September 2000)

    AFTER a spate of herd clearances in the past week, MAFF reports a lull in new IPs and DCs (Infectious Premises and Dangerous Contacts) in East Anglia.

  • UK pig herd to shrink further (29 September 2000)

    THE UK pig herd is forecast to shrink by almost 25% by the end of the year, according to the latest pig census figures.

  • MAFF plays down sandwich theory (28 September 2000)

    REPORTS that the outbreak of swine fever has been traced to a single pig which ate an infected ham sandwich have been played down by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • 14th swine fever case confirmed (26 September 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed a 14th case of classical swine fever, on a farm in south-east Norfolk.

  • Unigate blames losses on swine fever (26 September 2000)

    UNIGATE has blamed the outbreak of swine fever for preventing its pork processing plant in North Yorkshire returning to profit.

  • First infected area free of swine fever (22 September 2000)

    THE first infected area to be declared free from classical swine fever has been announced by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Pig numbers pile up as fever runs riot (22 September 2000)

    SIGNS are emerging that classical swine fever – which broke out in Norfolk on 8 August – is running riot.

  • Pig crisis reveals public hypocrisy (22 September 2000)

    URGENT action is needed now to save the British pig industry, writes columnist Terence Blacker in The Independent.

  • 1m prize in Dutch bacon promotion (21 September 2000)

    DUTCH pig farmers are to launch their biggest-ever promotional campaign in Britain – just as producers in East Anglia are battling against swine fever.

  • TV horror show ends pig ban (20 September 2000)

    SWINE fever restrictions imposed on a farm without the disease have been lifted after footage of dying and overcrowded pigs was shown on television.

  • Pig association moving too slowly (19 September 2000)

    MIKE Sheldon, who has resigned as chief executive of the National Pig Association, says that the organisation is moving too slowly.

  • MAFF marks 13th swine fever case (19 September 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed a 13th case of swine fever, this time within a herd of breeding sows on a farm at Denton, Norfolk.

  • Pig chief in surprise resignation (19 September 2000)

    MIKE Sheldon, chief executive of the National Pig Association, has resigned as the industry continues its battle against swine fever in East Anglia.

  • Mystery blaze hits swine fever farm (15 September 2000)

    INVESTIGATORS are examining the cause of a mystery blaze at the farm which last month reported Britains first case of swine fever in fourteen years.

  • Farmer devastated as herd slaughtered (15 September 2000)

    A FARMER caught up in restrictions imposed because of swine fever has spoken of his devastation after government officials slaughtered his healthy pigs.

  • Producers face bigger feed bills (15 September 2000)

    PIG producers face mounting feed bills following fresh swine fever outbreaks which have been confirmed in Norfolk and Suffolk.

  • Swine fever fears played down (14 September 2000)

    FEARS that swine fever could spread further following its discovery in a herd belonging to an active haulier, have been played down by an industry consultant.

  • Ban on Essex pig exports to stay (14 September 2000)

    CHIEF veterinary officer Jim Scudamore has announced that exports of live pigs and semen from Essex should not yet be resumed.

  • New case of swine fever confirmed (13 September 2000)

    A PIG farm in Norfolk has become the 12th to be confirmed with swine fever, the ministry of agriculture has reported.

  • Pig slaughtering cancelled over fuel (13 September 2000)

    THE fuel crisis bringing the country to a standstill has forced the UKs biggest pigmeat processor to halve the number of pigs it slaughters this week.

  • Vets slams minister over swine fever (12 September 2000)

    THE government has been accused of repeating mistakes made during the BSE crisis in its attempts to stop the spread of swine fever on pig farms.

  • Swine fever suspected on more farms (11 September 2000)

    ANOTHER six farms in Norfolk and Suffolk are highly suspected of having swine fever, the Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed.

  • Two more cases of swine fever (11 September 2000)

    TWO more cases of classical swine fever has been reported in East Anglia, bringing the total to 10 since the outbreak began in August.

  • Brown agrees to NPA support plan (08 September 2000)
    FARM minister Nick Brown has accepted a welfare support package suggested by the National Pig Association for farmers affected by swine fever restrictions.

  • Pigs smuggled away from zones (08 September 2000)
    FARMERS fearful of being caught up in new swine fever controls are moving pigs off farms under cover of darkness, the National Pig Association has warned.

  • Pig farmers urged to control anger (07 September 2000)
    A PIG industry leader has urged farmers to resist the temptation to target the government in direct action protests over swine fever compensation payments.

  • Another swine fever case in Suffolk (06 September 2000)
    CLASSICAL swine fever has been discovered on another Suffolk farm, the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed on Wednesday (06 Sep) afternoon.

  • Pig industry in new appeal to Brown (06 September 2000)
    PIG industry leaders were due to meet farm minister Nick Brown on Wednesday (06 Sep) afternoon in a bid to extract more government money to help farmers hit by swine fever controls.

  • New case of swine fever in Suffolk (05 September 2000)
    A FURTHER case of classical swine fever has been confirmed on a farm in the surveillance area on the coast of Suffolk, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced.

  • MAFF warns of more swine fever (05 September 2000)
    THE Ministry of Agriculture is expecting outbreaks of swine fever to be confirmed on at least two more farms within the next few days.

  • More swine fever cases expected (05 September 2000)
    SWINE fever is expected to be confirmed on more farms prompting fears that the disease has spread despite controls designed to restrict it.

  • Producers asked for 20p swine levy (05 September 2000)
    BRITISH pig farmers are being asked to put their hands into their pockets to help East Anglian producers affected by swine fever.

  • Further case of swine fever confirmed (04 September 2000)
    A FURTHER case of swine fever has been confirmed on a pig farm in Norfolk, the Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed.

  • Desperate farmers may spread fever (04 September 2000)
    CASH-STRAPPED pig farmers could be driven to deliberately infecting their stock if there is another outbreak of swine fever, a producer has warned.

  • Pig farmers driven to desperate action (01 September 2000)
    THE National Pig Association claims the government has jeopardised all the work done in the past three weeks to eradicate swine fever in East Anglia.

  • MAFF: Pig aid is a substantial bonus (01 September 2000)

    THE Ministry of Agriculture insists its compensation offer of 35 a pig for animals slaughtered in swine fever control areas is a “substantial bonus” for farmers.

  • Browns 35 per pig offer a disaster (01 September 2000)

    “A DISASTER” is how farmers leaders have described the governments offer of 35 per pig compensation for producers caught up in the swine fever outbreak.

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