Take shower to sheep

28 June 2002

Take shower to sheep

TAKE the shower to the sheep rather than the sheep to the shower, says David Ritchie (Implements), which has developed a mobile shower system.

Comprising an enclosed shower section and drip dry area, the unit has overhead and underneath spraying units – but only one can be used at the same time, points out the maker, if the sheep are not to be over stressed.

During the showering process, which allows up to 18 sheep at a time to be treated, the operator is fully protected from contact with the chemicals involved by a plastic, shatterproof screen. Once completed after about three minutes, the sheep are exited into a drip-dry area and another batch are allowed to enter.

Fluid is constantly recirculated using a 4hp Honda-powered pump unit with the volume and concentration topped up as the showering continues.

Ritchie points out that as the session draws to a close the volume of liquid can be reduced to ease the task of chemical disposal.

With the ability to shower up to 2000 sheep a day, the mobile dip unit costs £4486. &#42

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