Tesco way to help

22 March 2002

Tesco way to help

THE most important thing that Tesco, Britains largest supermarket group, can do to help farmers is to continue to grow its business, chief executive, Terry Leahy, told NFUSdelegates.

Sir Terry acknowledged that farmers had had a tough time. "And the thing that Tesco can do to help is to be successful," he said.

About 100 Scottish businesses supplied Tesco with products worth £600m a year, Sir Terry said. "That compares with about £200m in 1994 when we moved into Scotland."

Success was about collaboration, he said. "And that is why we have just launched our new dairy supply group, which will bring together producers, processors and ourselves as retailers. The aim is to get a better understanding throughout the chain and, hopefully, better profitability." &#42

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