Think rural, Charles tells business

23 July 2001

Think rural, Charles tells business

By FWi staff

THE Prince of Wales has called on big businesses to join him in a major effort to revitalise rural Britain.

On Tuesday (24 July) he will launch the Business in the Community Rural Action programme before 200 business leaders at St Jamess Palace in London.

He will say that it is the duty of business to offer a “ray of hope”, and will accompany the leaders on bus trips to see the plight of many country dwellers.

In an article in The Times, the Prince outlines a package of hands-on measures designed to transform the rural economy.

Businesses should be encouraged to source food locally, and help should be provided with local services, such as a “pub is hub” initiative, he says.

Under this the village pub could also take on additional functions such as village shop, post office and bank.

Efforts should be made to revive market towns and local entrepreneurs should be encouraged, says the Prince.

A way must be found to ensure that people born and bred in the countryside and want to stay there can find an economic future, he insists.

Country people and the land they inhabit are among ” the countrys most treasured national assets” say the Prince.


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