This washers a blast for dried-on dirt

10 May 2002

This washers a blast for dried-on dirt

AN IDEAL solution for tough dried-on dirt, is how Bosch dubs its Aquatak 1500Si pressure washer.

Designed to blast away ingrained mud and grime from difficult areas, the 1500Si is now the most powerful model in the firms four-model Aquatak range.

The 1500Si operates at a maximum pressure of 150 bar and can be equipped with a "powerful" Roto or "delicate" Vario spray nozzle.

Suitable for transporting around the farm, the 1500Si is mounted on wheels and is supplied with a 9m hose which can be stowed in an on-board reel. Price of the Aquatak 1500Si is £300 (01332-372796).

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