Three bailed over A2 truck stoning

01 October 1998

Three bailed over A2 truck stoning

By FWi staff

POLICE have bailed three people in connection with an botched attack on a convoy of livestock lorries which left one man in hospital.

One man and two women were released late last night after being held at three separate police stations in Kent. They were granted bail until November.

Father of two Steven Granger, 40, was seriously hurt three weeks ago when a rock thrown from a bridge over the A2 outside Dover smashed through the windscreen of his lorry.

Mr Grangers lorry careered across the central reservation before plunging down an embankment into a ploughed field.

Police believe the rock was aimed at a convoy of livestock trucks taking animals to the Farmers Ferry ship docked in Dover harbour.

But Mr Granger had no connection with the live-export trade and his lorry was travelling in the opposite direction.

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