Time to ‘engage’ with Hunting Bill

ALUN MICHAEL, the junior DEFRA minister, has claimed that the government is still hoping to achieve a ‘compromise‘ with the Lords over the Hunting Bill.

Talking on Sun (Oct 24) to BBC1‘s Breakfast with Frost Mr Michael said: “It‘s getting rather late but it‘s time for the House of Lords to engage with the Bill, amend it in the way they think it should be and send it back”.

But Mr Michael requested that any changes by the Lords to the all-out ban put forward by the Commons should be ones that at least the Commons could consider.

Mr Michael also dismissed any notion that the Burns Inquiry and the Portcullis House hearings had found no evidence to suggest hunting with dogs was cruel.

“I didn‘t think the pro-hunting case stood up very well in the inquiry, actually,” said Mr Michael.

The Hunting Bill will be debated in the House of Lords on Tue (Oct 26).

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