Too much water in 30% of frozen chickens

4 October 2000

Too much water in 30% of frozen chickens

ALMOST one-third of frozen chickens sold in Britain contain more than the EU limit on water, reports The Guardian.

These figures, announced by the Food Standards Agency, followed checks nine months ago.

The agency also reported “completely unacceptable” levels of water in some chicken portions.

Offenders included both home-produced and imported chicken, where previously frozen products sold as fresh contained as much as 37% added water.

Frozen chicken can contain up to 7% water, but 30% of samples bought from supermarkets, cash and carries, butchers and other outlets exceeded this.

Samples from Britains Grampian County Food Group recorded readings of extra water as high as 16%, reports The Guardian.

French imports on sale in Sainsburys greatly exceeded permitted limits.

And out of 1000 chicken parts analysed, 17% had added water of between 2 and 17%.

Producers pointed out that only one of two available tests had been used, and there were discrepancies with manufacturers tests.

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