Tories attack red tape

21 April 2000

Tories attack red tape

AMID accusations that the government has not delivered in its attempts to cut red tape the Tory Party has announced it will set up its own red tape commission.

Shadow agriculture minister Tim Yeo said the commission would look at the burden of regulation on farmers, which was rendering many producers uncompetitive.

"The commission will ensure that the government are held to account on deregulation. As usual, the governments own attempts to reduce regulation have promised much and delivered little," he said.

The first job of the committee, which includes Sir David Naish and Hugh Duberley the former presidents of the NFU and CLA, will be to look at the governments action plan for farming – the document released at last months farm summit.

The findings of the committee are expected to be incorporated in to the Conservative Partys election manifesto.

Stephen Rossides, head of the NFUs livestock department said the red tape reviews completed last year were extremely valuable and there were positive signs that things were happening as a result.

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